Luggage Tags as Unique as You Are!

Yacht or Dive Boat Bag Tags

Here is another variation of the baseball sports bag tags we posted a couple of days a ago - a custom set of tags for guests and crew of the Seawolf luxury expedition yacht. We have made several sets of custom scuba mask straps for the crew of the Seawolf. We love their logo and thought it would be cool to develop a smart looking gear bag tag for the crew and a matching tag with just the Seawolf logo for a luggage tag they could give to all of the guests who charter their yacht. Perhaps we can make some for your dive boat, dive shop or resort?


Baseball Gear Bag Tags


We had a local baseball traveling team in our hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas ask us to design laser engraved tag for their baseball gear bags. The version in the image above features the player’s number and team name, the version below features the team name, number and player’s last name. The tags are made of a textured industrial outdoor sign plastic - tough and won’t fade. Each is attached to the bag using a 6 inch stainless steel loop. Tags come in a variety of colors (see below) and tag cost depends on around of engraving but typically runs $4 - $5 dollars per tag. Contact us if you are interested in having some made for your team or league.


Kayak ID Name Tags & Name Plates

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One minute you are working your way through your favorite patch of whitewater, and then the unthinkable happens and you find your kayak heading down the river below you. Our laser engraved gear tags and name plates (kayak ID tags) won’t keep this from happening but they do make it easier for others to return your gear to you should you or your gear end up out of your boat. The kayak ID tag can be placed anywhere on your kayak. As you can see below, I have mine affixed to the water bottle rail on the bottom of my Dagger Aspire 10.5. Both sets of tags are made of 1/16th inch thick outdoor sign plastic and can be engraved with your name and contact info.

P1000699 kayak gear ID tag

Custom Wooden Luggage Tags for Dun & Bradstreet

D&B Wooden Tag

Custom laser-engraved wooden luggage tags make a very smart looking addition to any bag, briefcase or suitcase. We recently did the luggage tag featured above for Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation. They had us make a pair of these tags for their clients. The tag featured in the photo is made of Alder wood with an MDF core. This keeps the tag from warping and makes for a stronger tag. One drawback to the wood tags is that they are susceptible to dents and scratches. What custom project can we start for your organization?

Award Tags for Boy Scout Troop Backpacks


Looking for a fun set of inexpensive awards for your next Boy Scout campout, showdown or jamboree? We got a call from the folks who lead Boy Scouts of America Troop 256 in North Carolina asking us to help them put together a set of award tags that would clip on the scout’s backpacks with carabiners. Anyone who reads this blog knows we love doing custom projects. This one was really fun. The tags are 3” in diameter and highlight the various categories of their showdown competition. What can we make for you?
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