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Mother's Day Gifts

Personalized luggage tags are a wonderful, inexpensive Mother's Day gift. We have a number of specialty designs for Mother's Day. Have an idea? Give us a call or drop us an email!
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Photo Scuba Mask Strap

Photo Mask Straps

We are very excited to tell you about our new personalized photo SCUBA mask strap.  Using dye-sublimation technology, we are able to infuse the photo image directly into the neoprene cover material.  It will stretch and won't crack or crinkle like a silk-screen image tends to do.  
Imagine a photo of your favorite underwater critter.
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Personalized BC Name Tag

BC Name Tags

This is a great gift for any diver. A personalized BC name tag makes it really easy to identify your gear on that crowded dive boat or liveaboard. Underwater the tag makes it easier to know who is who. Combine it with one of our personalized scuba tank name tags for a gift set.
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Medic-Alert Tags

Medic Alert Tags

Scuba Equipment Tags (SET Tags) with the Medic Alert symbol should be attached to a divers gear to alert emergency responders to specific medical conditions such as:
  • Medical conditions & medications being taken
  • Allergies
  • Implanted medical devices
  • Emergency contact info & Physician information
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Personalized Luggage Tag

Wedding Gift Bag Tags

YourBagTags are a wonderful addition to any wedding gift bag. They also make thoughtful, inexpensive bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts - especially if they are traveling by air to your wedding event.
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Christmas Stocking Tags

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Personalized luggage tags make fantastic Christmas stocking stuffers for anyone on your gift list. With over 50 color and print combinations, you can give unique tags to everyone.
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Tags for Events

While each one our personalized luggage tags are unique, we love doing custom luggage tags for events and organizations.  YourBagTags make perfect additions to event tote bags, gift bags, briefcases or even just as a standalone favor.  We have made YourBagTags for weddings and wedding showers, alumni and sorority reunions, school trips, humanitarian and missions trips, businesses, sports teams, cheerleading and dance teams to name just a few.
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Tags for Organizations

Do you have an idea for your organization? We love to work on these custom projects. The scuba tank tag in the photo has just been embroidered for an organization called Crew 3000. We provided them with team ID tags for their wetsuits, BC's, and air tanks.
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Tags for Clubs or Dive Shops

How about your dive club or SCUBA shop? YourTankTags make it easy to pick out your students or club members at dive events or classes. We can have your logo digitized to add to the tag.
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