Some of the best gift ideas and ways to use the luggage/bag tags from come from our customers. If you have an idea and don't see it here, don't hesitate to contact us.


How about giving a set to the new Bride & Bridegroom. We have also embroidered tags with just "Wife" & "Husband" as a unique, inexpensive gift. Canvas bags with a personalized YourBagTag is a perfect shower gift.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers:
The perfect personal and practical gift for a Christmas stocking. Each tag can personalized with the name of your special someone.

Baby Shower:
All of the things a new mom must carry for her baby. How about a set of YourBagTags with the name of the new baby or perhaps the name of both mom and baby for the diaper bag.

Is your graduate receiving new luggage or briefcase for graduation? YourBagTags are the perfect compliment.

Family Reunions:
We have done many orders for family reunions and family trips. In fact, a number of our ribbon strap tags were developed to match and celebrate the colors of the flag of the families heritage. Here is an example of one we did for an Italian family.

Sports Teams:
Match your team colors and add the names of each team member to their own tag. It also makes it much easier to identify when all of the bags look the same. For an additional setup fee, we can also do your team logo. Contact us for additional information.

Cheerleader & Team Spirit Squads:
Keep those uniform and garment bags from ending up with the wrong team member with a personalized YourBagTag.

School Backpacks:

Your child's backpack will stand out from the crowd with our high-visibility tags. A colorful carabiner tag can be used in addition to our many colorful ribbons.

Teachers Gifts:
We have sold many of our YourBagTags as teachers gifts. You can even match the ribbon strap or tag to the school colors.

All of those trumpet, trombrone, and clarinet cases look alike. Set your musical instrument case apart with a YourBagTag addition.

Camera bags, lighting cases, and backdrops can all be easily identified with a custom tag with your name, the name of your business or even the contents of the bag.


You have been on the dive boat or the beach and all the gear bags and BC's look the same. Set your gear apart with a personalized tag.

Camping Gear Bags:
All that gear in dufflel bags and stuff-sacks that all look the same. Consider putting a YourBagTag on each item with the name of the contents. Such as "Tent", "Sleeping Bag" or "Cooking".

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