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New Smaller Photo Tags

Manta Round Tag

Round Manta Tag

Shark Diamond/Square Tag

New Photo Tags

YourBagTag has added new smaller photo tags in a 2.5 inch diameter round and 2.25 square/diamond shape.  They make great dive bag or dive equipment tags.  They are made from a durable high-impact plastic and attached with a supplied 6" stainless steel cable loop with a secure threaded closure.

They can be personalized with 3-5 lines of text on the back (depending on the shape).  

Custom Luggage Tags for Your Event or Business

Family Justice Center Tag

Custom Purple Luggage Tag from YourBagTag

Family Justice Center Tag

Custom Purple Luggage Tag from YourBagTag

While each one our personalized luggage tags are unique, we love doing custom luggage tags for events and organizations.  YourBagTags make perfect additions to event tote bags, gift bags, briefcases or even just as a standalone favor.  We have made YourBagTags for weddings and wedding showers, alumni and sorority reunions, school trips, humanitarian and missions trips, businesses,  sports teams, cheerleading and dance teams to name just a few.

For a minimal fee, we can even customize the blank address card insert with your logo and contact text as shown in the photo to the left.

This tag was done for the Family Justice Center Alliance organization to go on their conference tote bags.

Micro-Fleece Travel Blanket

Personalized Travel Blanket

Travel Blanket from YourBagTag

YourBagTag has just added another wonderful, personalized travel accessory.  The micro-fleece travel pocket blanket is a must-have travel accessory for anyone who gets cold when flying on airplanes. You no longer have to use those nasty airline blankets -- you know, the ones you can never find when boarding and you are always suspect as to when they were last cleaned. 

Our travel blanket design is similar to raingear and windbreakers that fold into a pouch. The pouch is sewn on one end of the blanket. The blanket is folded in thirds and then rolled into the pouch. Directions for folding are included. After being folded it becomes a Polarfleece Pillow. 

This blanket and it's materials are all USA made. They are made from the finest Polarfleece Polartec® by Malden Mills of Massachusetts. They are machine washable and dryable, non-pilling 100% polyester fabric; keep moisture away from the body; are light-weight yet warm and hypo-allergenic. 

Your personalized travel blanket look great on a couch, your boat's berth and can be carried easily under your arm for a sporting event to sit on and then open to cover yourself if the wind picks up. 

The blanket measures 50" X 60" and folds down to approximately 9" X 12" in it's self-containing pocket.  We currently carry the blanket in Purple and Gray.  Personalized text (up to 14 characters)  may be embroidered on the blanket pocket.

Compact Luggage Scale from

New Luggage Scale & Flashlight

Don't get caught paying for overweight baggage fees! This  luggage scale is lightweight (7 ounces), compact (1.6" x 1.7" x 6.1"), and durable. It can be used to weigh bags up to 100 pounds. The TraveLite includes a built-in LED flashlight and a five year warranty. 

The TraveLite Luggage Scale features the 
Know Before You Go™ EZ-Weigh indicator. The TraveLite Luggage Scale instantly warns if you are over or under the airline penalty limit. Green light for under 50lbs, red light if you're over. Priced less than a single baggage fee, the TraveLite Luggage Scale will save you money, time and the hassle of overweight bags.

YourBagTag Adds Silver Tags

Silver Luggage Tags

We have been looking for a new color tag that could be desirable by both the male and female constituencies of our customers.  This silver YourBagTag fits the bill perfectly.  It will look great on suitcases, briefcases, sports bags or even as a cool 25th wedding anniversary favor/gift.

We have also added several new fabric loop colors including a new black & white multi-stripe, black/silver, and black/silver/maroon.

New Stainless Steel Wire Loop Option for YourBagTags

Cable Loop Option for YourBagTags

A number of our customers have asked us for a practical alternative to our colorful ribbon handles for YourBagTags.  We are happy to now offer a 9 inch stainless steel cable loop version of our colorful fabric luggage tags and our highly durable plastic photo tags.  We have seen a number of luggage tags now on the market with 6 inch steel cable loops but we them a bit too short in our product testing.

New Photo Luggage Tags

Web Burrfish                      Photo Luggage Tag

We have added a new line of personalized photo luggage tags.  Just send us a photo of your favorite underwater critter, a pet, maybe a picture of your vacation memory.  You can add up to 5 lines of text on the back.  The photo luggage tag makes a great, personal gift for that special someone.

We have also made a few available from Steve's favorite underwater photos.  The tags are made of a thick durable plastic that does not bend.  We add our signature brightly colored fabric handles to complete the newest member of the YourBagTag family.

Click here to see more of them and to order your own!

YourZipTags featured in X-Ray Magazine

YourZipTags on pg 45

Check out page 45 of the latest issue (#30) of X-Ray Magazine.  YourZipTags are mentioned in the equipment section.  X-Ray is a beautiful magazine targeting the "International Lifestyle for Divers".

YourBagTags Make a Trip to South Africa

YourBagTags ~ No Worries!

We love hearing from our customers.  Vernoy just dropped us an email telling us she had featured our tags on her blog.  She had, the YourBagTags pictured on the left,  made for a group trip to South Africa.  She is blogging about their adventure currently underway on a blog called  South African Adventure.  Check it out!  Hakuna Matata means "No Worries!".   Let us hear from you!

New Personalized Photo Mask Strap

Photo Scuba Mask Strap

Original Photo Used for Strap

We are very excited to tell you about our new personalized photo SCUBA mask strap.  Using dye-sublimation technology, we are able to infuse the photo image directly into the neoprene cover material.  It will stretch and won't crack or crinkle like a silk-screen image tends to do.  

Imagine a photo of your favorite underwater critter.  I took this picture in Bonaire about a year and half ago.

This is the first in a new line of products we will be developing over the next couple of months so stay tuned!

YourBagTag Adds Personalized Wetsuit Zipper Pull

YourZipTag™ - 8 Colors to choose from


We developed a new line of personalized wetsuit zipper pulls. After a recent diving trip aboard the Caribbean Explorer II, a liveaboard dive boat, we kept having trouble picking our wetsuit out from the other 5 hanging on the back deck that looked just like ours.  Hey, black wetsuits are just like black pieces of luggage!  They need brightly colored personalized tags to help pick  them out of the crowd.  In keeping with our other product names, we are calling them YourZipTags™. They are made of the same high-quality polypropylene webbing as our other Scuba products.  The YourZipTag is 3/4" wide and is approximately 24 inches long (the same length as the stock zipper pull currently on your wetsuit).

Own a dive or surf shop that rents wetsuits out?  Your wetsuits will stand out on that crowded beach or dive boat.  Add your URL and you have a great advertisement for your shop.

How about a dive or surf club?  Add your club name or nickname to the YourZipTag.

New YourOwnTag™ - Create Your Own Bag Tag Masterpiece

YourOwnTag Luggage Tag

Create YourOwnTag Masterpiece

Over the past year we have received many requests for a blank version of our YourBagTags.  Yesterday we made our new YourOwnTag available on our website.  It is a blank version of our very popular YourBagTag.   Made out of the same quality materials and you can select from 22 vibrant colored, sturdy ribbon handles.

Like all our other YourBagTags, inside each tag, behind a velcro flap, is a blank address card or you can slide in one of your own business cards.

Currently the tag only comes in black since some of the fabric paints we tested tended leave a dark outline around the painted area.  We are continuing to test other fabric paints to see if we can find a solution.

These tags make perfect inexpensive gifts for your friends, families, teachers, coaches, and others.  It is a great project for your art class, scout troop or after-school activity.  

We offer a set of 6 iridescent Scribbles® fabric paints from Duncan. 

YourBagTag Gets a New Logo

New Image

We started YourBagTag two years ago and to keep our costs down, our logo was just colorizing each of the word segments in YourBagTag with a different color  -  YourBagTag.  We wanted a new logo that would represent our company in a bit more playful and whimsical way.  We think our new logo captures that really well while holding on to our the roots of our simple start.

Custom Logo YourTankTags for Your Dive Club

Custom Logo YourTankTag

Are you looking for a way to set your dive club apart?  The photo to the left displays a custom logo YourTankTag we developed for the Beach Crabs Dive Club in Southern California.  It wraps around the scuba air tank and attaches to itself with Velcro.  Not only do you look great on the beach or dive boat, you can pick your buddies or clubmates out underwater.

YourTankTag™ - Personalized Name Tag for SCUBA Air Tanks

NEW  -   YourTankTag™

On the heels of the success of our SCUBA BC name tag, we are introducing the YourTankTag™.  YourTankTag is made of 3 inch wide polypropylene webbing which wraps around the air tank and has 5 inches of Velcro® sewn on to each end.  It can be personalized with your name, Dive Club or on-line SCUBA board nickname.  For dive shops or instructors, you make consider the names of your divemasters or instructors or even "STUDENT" to easily identify your class when doing those quarry or ocean beach dives.  The 3 inch webbing will facilitate a second line of text but it makes the letters smaller.

YourTankTag retails for $19.95.  You may also want to consider a SCUBA BC name tag

These personalized SCUBA tags make perfect gifts for those divers in your life.  YourTankTags are only available in black webbing.

Make Your Own Bag Tags ~ Turn a Fun Project into Great Gifts  for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays.

Blank YourBagTag


Luggage Tags as Art


Add Your Own Flair


Be Creative


We are developing an idea that is a result of a number of you requesting "blank" YourBagTags.  This would allow you to create an truly unique YourBagTag with your favorite fabric paint, markers, etc.  To test the idea and the materials (paint) that would properly adhere to the tags, we asked a group of 8 year-old girls from our village's Girl Scout Brownie Troop to create their own YourBagTags with our blanks and fabric paint.

As you can see by the images on the left, they were very creative indeed. 8 years old is probably about as young as you would want to offer this type of project to.  Handling the liquid paint is a bit tricky and requires a pretty steady hand.  We thought we would offer the blank tags in a variety of our current base tag colors including black, red, neon green, bright blue, and pink but not all tag colors take the paint well (tend to bleed).  All of our handle colors would be available as a choice.

The price would be $4.95 per tag with quantity price breaks above 50, 100, and 500+.  We are also thinking of offering the a fabric paint set.

So are you looking for a great summer fun craft project or a unique and creative gift?  How about a personalized luggage tag for Mom, Dad, Grandma, or your favorite teacher?  Drop us an email and let us know what you think!

YourBagTags for Your NASCAR Racing Fans

Perfect Gift for Race Fans

Are you looking for a unique gift for the automobile racing fan in your life?  The new racing check strap YourBagTag luggage tags are a perfect surprise for your NASCAR, Indy Racing League (IRL), NHRA, CCWS, CART, and Formula One fans.  Personalize it with their name or perhaps the number of their favorite car.

YourBagTag Adds 30 New Ribbon/Tag Color Combinations

New Colors!

Be sure and browse the online store.  We have added 30 new tag and ribbon color combinations including light and dark purples, exciting racing checks, stripes and polka-dots.

YourBagTags Now Sport Logo Label

YourBagTag Logo Labels

Many of our customers have had people they have encountered on their travels ask about their personalized luggage tags from YourBagTag.  In some cases, our customers even gave away the address card inside to the inquiring traveler since it had our web address on it.  YourBagTags now sport a high-quality label on the back of each tag.  So when that person now asks where you got your wonderful tags, you can just flip it over and give them the name!

Luggage Tags for Your Rotary International District or Club

Rotary International Custom Tag

Here is a fun custom logo luggage tag from YourBagTag we just produced for the folks of the Rotary International Group Study Exchange Team from South Dakota District 5610.  They will be traveling to Brazil.  You can check out their website here 

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